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D. R. Wormack

About the Author & Artist

D. R. Wormack is a writer and artist currently working out of Pittsburgh, PA. In her writing, she experiments with genre elements across fiction. Science fiction, fantasy, and horror all heavily influence her work. She mainly writes fiction with some exploration into poetry and personal essay. While writing is her main form of creation, Wormack often dabbles in other art forms to explore her idea of the curious existence. In all of her work, Wormack seeks to ignite a flame of curiosity within individuals. She invites people to hold that flame to themselves and those around them so as to better see how perceptions like that of good and evil often limit us. She wants to make those comfortable with their place in the world question why they are and if they should be. At the same time, she wants those uncomfortable with their lives to have a safe space to explore the many wonders of the creative imagination. Whether it be a cyberpunk city in the sky or a strange creature living in a quaint house down the street, Wormack uses her writing and art to question the world we think we live in.

D. R. Wormack: About
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