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Art Experiments

Other Creations from Movement of the Hand

Art Experiments: Welcome

Curiosity K***ed the Cat

Whether it's kissed or killed, explore visual works created in the style of uninhibited wonder

Almost different every time, these visual creations use pencils, markers, crayons, colored pencils, pens, and digital manipulation at various levels to shape images that tell a story on any page. These pieces pay homage to the art made in childhood: no plan, no expectation, and an intrigue that keeps the hand moving.

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You Ruined Art for Me

A painting inspired by the Oozes' song "Blah Blah Blah"

This acrylic on cardboard piece expresses the pent up frustration at being encouraged to try something different, then belittled for the outcome. D. R. Wormack takes a temporal material and found words to throw criticism back at those who discourage exploration.

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The Notebook Series

A series of ink-pen drawings/writings

"I do not have a talent for drawing, but people have always complimented my quasi-cursive handwriting. I got this cheap notebook and decided to fill it. It starts with a word or phrase in one direction. Then, a response in the other. From the intersections of the words, I could see parts of drawings I simply had to trace over to bring to life." - D. R. Wormack

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